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GFI Backup 3.0

Imagen GFI Backup 3.0
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    GFI Software

  • OS:

    Windows 2003

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  • Updated:

    January 05, 2021

  • "Saves content in manual or automatic backups"

With GFI Backup you can generate backups that contain all the contents you want to store in a secure environment, from e-mails and settings profiles to passwords, serials and files. The backups can be stored not only on your computer's hard drive, but also on the hard drive of another computer connected to the LAN and on FTP servers or optical drives.

Whichever destination you choose the backup will not have a large size due to the previous compression that GFI Backup applies regardless of the contents you decide to store, which are also encrypted so that only you can access them by entering the necessary key.

In case you want to create backups with a certain regularity GFI Backup allows you to schedule them, besides defining folders that will be automatically synchronized, notifying you via e-mail each time you finish a backup. Later you will have the possibility to restore the backups totally or partially.